Kinvey Backend Data

Learn more about how and where bot’s data is stored in Kinvey.

NativeChat bots store their data in a dedicated Kinvey backend app in your Kinvey account.

What is Bot Data?

Each NativeChat bot has data about:

  • settings (Cognitive Flow, channels and publishing, etc)
  • training data
  • historical and analytics data

How is Bot Data Structured

Kinvey backend apps for your bots contain several collections.

Their names are prefixed nlp (for the Natural Language Processing data) and sys (for bot’s settings and operational data).

You can consume bot data similarly to any Kinvey collection data using the Kinvey REST API or the client SDKs.

Typically, the most useful data is the user and conversation data. It is stored in the following collections:

  • sysUsers
  • sysConversations
  • sysMessages

What Not to Do

Do Not Delete the Kinvey Backend App

Your bot will stop working if you delete the corresponding backend app because all of its settings and data will become inaccessible.

Do Not Rename the Kinvey Backend App

Your bot will stop working if you rename the corresponding backend app because it relies on predefined naming conventions for accessing the bot data and settings.

Do Not Modify or Delete Data in the Backend App

Modifying or deleting data entities or collections in the bot’s Kinvey backend app can lead to unexpected behavior. Your bot will most probably stop working and you will not be able to edit and configure it through anymore.

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