Conversation triggers

Learn how to train your chatbot to correctly identify and start a conversation from the Cognitive Flow.

Conversations are an important part of your NativeChat chatbot definition, and training your chatbot to correctly differentiate them is essential.

For each conversation, you need to define a set of user expressions that are real-world examples of how would your users engage with your chatbot.

Here is a set of examples for a booking an appointment with a doctor:

  • I would like to book an appointment with doctor John Burke
  • Can I check the schedule of doctor Burke for tomorrow?
  • Can you book me an appointment with doctor John Burke on Tuesday?
  • It will be great if I can meet with doctor Burke this week. What’s his schedule?
  • Is there any available slot for today in doctor Burke’s schedule?

The amount of expression varies, but providing an initial set of 10-15 examples is a good start. Once your bot is live, you will be able to train your bot with real examples coming from your users.