Understanding assessment

Learn how to use the Understanding assessment feature to enrich your chatbot’s FAQ capabilities.

The Understanding assessment section can be used to enrich your bot’s training and draw insights about how your users interact with your bot. Every time your bot answers or fails to answer an FAQ question, the exact phrase of the user is stored and presented in this section. You may add unrecognized phrases to your bot’s training and Test set.

When is a phrase added to Understanding assessment

There are several occassions where a phrase used by an end user is added to the Understanding assessment:

  • Answered FAQ - whenever the bot successfully answers a question the phrase is stored along with the category name and the group name.
  • Unrecognized phrase - whenever the bot fails to recognize the user’s intent, the phrase is stored as Not recognized.
    • NB! There are two exceptions for storing Not recognized phrases - phrases which cause a validation failure and phrases which answer questions with entity-type Text.

Evaluate bot response

You can evaluate the bot’s response for each phrase.

  • If Not recognized - you can either mark it as irrelevant or set its correct FAQ Category and Group name and add it to the bot’s training.
  • If Recognized - you can mark it as correct, irrelevant or incorrect (in which case you will need to specify the correct FAQ Category and Group name)

All Evaluated phrases are stored in the bot’s Test set. Note that evaluated bot responses will stop showing up in the Understanding assessment.

User suggestions

If your bot uses Low Confidence Suggestions then whenever a user clicks on a Low Confidence Suggestion this is stored as a User suggestion in the Understanding assessment. You may use these suggestions for a quicker evaluation of the given phrase. Bear in mind that these are mere suggestions - the bot creator will always have the final say and the end users will never be able to modify the bot’s training by themselves.


By default when you navigate to the Understanding assessment section, the period is set to one week before yesterday. You may adjust the period futher back in time if you wish. In addition, you may view data for the current day if desired, however bear in mind that this data will be incomplete because the day hasn’t passed yet.