Publish Your Bot for Use in a NativeScript Mobile App

Learn how to set-up NativeChat bot in a NativeScript app.

Add a chat component to your NativeScript app using the NativeChat plugin.


Create a new channel in NativeChat

To receive messages and other events sent by your NativeScript app users, you need to enable Mobile App / NativeScript channel.

  1. Open the Channels & Publishing section of your NativeChat bot.
  2. Click the Enable button for Mobile App / NativeScript.
  3. Click the Generate configuration button. You will get instructions on how to setup the NativeScript plugin.

Install the plugin in your app

You can see the plugin in npm or in the NativeScript marketplace.

Test your bot

After the plugin is added to your app and configured to work with your bot, you should be able to use the plugin chat UI to send messages to your bot.