Publish Your Bot for Use in a NativeScript Mobile App

Learn how to set-up NativeChat bot in a NativeScript app.

Add a NativeChat widget to your NativeScript app.


Create a new channel in NativeChat

To receive messages and other events sent by your NativeScript app users, you need to enable Mobile App / NativeScript channel.

  1. Open the Channels & Publishing section of your NativeChat bot.
  2. Click the Publish button for Mobile App / NativeScript.
  3. Click the Generate embed code button. You will receive your embed code for any web page.
  4. Copy the HTML embed code.

Configure your NativeScript app

  1. Create a new HTML file.
  2. Make sure the HTML file contains an opening and a closing <html> tag and an opening and a closing <body> tag between them.
  3. Paste the HTML embed code from NativeChat between the opening and closing <body> tags in the HTML file.
  4. You can set additional options in the HTML embed code. All available options are listed here.
  5. Add a WebView component in a page of your NativeScript app.
  6. Set the src path of the WebView to the HTML file with the HTML embed code for your NativeChat bot. e.g.:
<WebView src="~/home/chat.html"></WebView>

Test your bot

After the WebView component is added to your app, you should be able to use the chat UI to send messages to your bot.