External history storage

Learn how to configure automatic exporting of a bot’s conversation data to an external system of your choice.

The external history configuration is used to prevent sensitive data from being kept within Progress’ data storage systems after a conversation between the chatbot and a user has been completed.

When you enable the feature, NativeChat will attempt to deliver each completed conversation’s data to the specified endpoint and will immediately delete it from our systems upon success. This means that in the History tab of your bot will only show conversations which have not yet completed (or if completed have still not been successfully exported).

Configuring the receiving endpoint


This checkbox determines whether exporting history is active or not.

Endpoint URL

In this field you enter the URL which should be called when a conversation is ready for export. Our server will perform a POST request with a body containing the conversation data in JSON format.

Authentication method

You can optionally choose which authentication method has to be used when calling the endpoint. For more information on authentication methods see Authentication methods.


To verify that the settings are working as expected you can press the Test button. This will send a POST request to the endpoint specified. The body of this test request will contain an empty JSON object ({}).