Proxy Bots

Learn how to test and preview your bot in Facebook Messenger, Viber and Amazon Alexa without real deployment.

The fastest way to test your chatbot in a specific channel is by using the NativeChat’s proxy chatbot. This way, you don’t need to have a working Facebook page, Viber public account or Alexa skill to test how your chatbot experience looks/sounds like in these environments.

Facebook Messenger

From the Test drop down button, click the Test in Messenger button. It will open a dialog with instructions on how to navigate to the NativeChat Messenger URL and provide the following instruction:

proxy {bot-id}

Once successfully mapped, the NativeChat bot will connect to your bot and will relay all messages back and forth.


Check our blog post on building a chatbot for Viber for instructions on how to test via NativeChat’s Viber proxy bot.

Amazon Alexa

To test your chatbot as Amazon Alexa skill, you need to enable the NativeChat Proxy skill.

What You Need

How to Use the Proxy Skill

  1. Open the Alexa Developer Console
  2. Go to Test tab (1) in the top navigation
  3. Pick Development from the dropdown (2) Test screen in the Alexa Developer Console.
  4. Type or say “Alexa, nativechat proxy” in the simulator
  5. Go to your bot in NativeChat portal and from the Test dropdown menu pick Test in Alexa Developer Console Test dropdown menu in the NativeChat portal.
  6. Copy the ` proxy {bot-id} ` command and paste it into the Alexa simulator in the Alexa Developer Console. A screenshot from NativeChat portal, showing where the proxy bot command is located.