Supported languages

A list of languages supported by NativeChat.

The NativeChat platform can handle conversations in almost any human language that has an alphabet and structured grammar rules. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine can parse language expressions for time, date, numbers to extract and return structured data.

Here is the full list of 60+ supported languages:

Afrikaans Danish Haitian Creole Korean Queretaro Otomi Tamil
Arabic Dutch Hebrew Latvian Romanian Telugu
Bangla English Hindi Lithuanian Russian Thai
Bosnian (Latin) Estonian Hmong Daw Malagasy Samoan Tongan
Bulgarian Fijian Hungarian Malay Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin) Turkish
Cantonese (Traditional) Filipino Icelandic Maltese Slovak Ukrainian
Catalan Finnish Indonesian Norwegian Slovenian Urdu
Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) French Italian Persian Spanish Vietnamese
Croatian German Japanese Polish Swedish Welsh
Czech Greek Kiswahili Portuguese Tahitian Yucatec Maya