Publishing Chatbots

Learn how to make your chatbot available on a wide variety of messaging channels - website, social media, collaboration tools, voice assistants.

When you are finished developing your chatbot, you need to publish it to one or more channels.

NativeChat supports a wide variety of channels for different kinds of use cases:

Feature Comparison

It is important to know that each channel has different support for the chatbot features. Some channels could have richer messages including images, quick replies, etc. but others (like SMS or voice channels) might not. Check the support if you are planning to use a specific channel feature and provide workarounds.

Feature Facebook Viber Web Mobile Amazon Alexa Twilio SMS Twilio Voice REST1 MS Teams
user profile info2 yes yes no no no no no no yes3
user timezone no no yes yes no no no yes no
quick replies yes yes yes yes yes yes4 yes yes yes4
single select yes yes yes yes no no no yes yes4
multi select no no yes yes no no no yes yes4
carousel yes5 no6 yes yes no yes4 yes yes yes
location picker yes7 yes7 yes8 yes8 no yes8 no yes no
date picker no no yes yes no no no yes yes
authentication yes yes yes yes yes no no yes yes
handover yes no no no no no no yes no
file upload yes5 yes yes yes no yes no yes yes
typing indicator yes5 no yes yes no no no yes yes
ssml support no no no no yes no yes no no
rich text9 yes yes yes yes no no no yes yes
  1. REST channel supports all UI features, provided the channel which you are integrating with can implement them 

  2. includes first name, last name and avatar URL 

  3. includes only first name and last name 

  4. lists the items in text format  2 3 4 5

  5. Due to Facebook API restrictions applied to pages and users from the EU these features might not work. For more information see section Restrictions for EU citizens and businesses  2 3

  6. shows single select instead 

  7. mobile version only  2

  8. requires a Google Cloud API key and falls back to the default location if the user does not grant permission to the browser to use geolocation.  2 3

  9. depends on the native support of the UI for the specific channel