Live agent hand-off

Learn how to configure live agents to which the bot can transfer user sessions.

By default, whenever the user conversation reaches a stay-silent step, the bot will stay silent for the specified amount of time. If a live-agent is specified in the step, then the bot will transfer the user session to the live agent configuration specified by config-name.


The unique name of your live agent configuration.

NativeChat API full read write token

A Full read write NativeChat API token. Note that the value of the token is required here and not the token’s name. You can issue a new NativeChat API token from the Administration top-level tab.

Live agent provider

Currently, NativeChat supports Salesforce as a live agent provider.


You can set up a Chat with customers service deployment using the recommended setup by starting the service setup wizard from Salesforce->Service Setup->Recommended Setup->View All->Chat with customers.

Salesforce Chat API endpoint

The Chat API endpoint for your Salesforce organization. Retrieve your Chat API endpoint by following the official documentation.

Organization Id

The id of your Salesforce organization. See help on how to retrieve it.

Deployment Id

The id of the Chat with customers service deployment in Salesforce. You can retrieve the deployment id from the Deployment Code snippet in Salesforce->Service Setup-> Administration->Channels->Chat->Deployments->(view your deployment). The deployment id is the second parameter of the liveagent.init invocation.

Button Id

The button id to request a chat with a live agent. You can retrieve the button id from the Chat Button Code snippet in Salesforce->Service Setup-> Administration->Channels->Chat->Chat Buttons & Invitations->(view your button). The buttton id is the string parameter of the onclick handler.