Publish Your Bot on Viber

Learn how to set-up the integration between Viber and NativeChat.

To publish your bot to Viber you need to create and configure a Viber Public Account.

Apply for a Public Account with Viber

You can apply for a new Viber Public Account by registering at Note that there’s a manual approval process involved and it could take some time.

Create a new channel in NativeChat

To connect NativeChat with Viber, you have to enable webhooks integration in the public account. Retrieve your App Key from Viber and head to NativeChat:

  1. Open the Publishing section of your NativeChat bot.
  2. Click the Add button for Viber to open the Add Viber configration form, and provide the App Key you have obtained earlier from your Viber Public Account.
  3. Click the Get account info button. You will receive your Public Account Name and Avatar Icon.
  4. After verifying your public account you can click Add configuration and your bot is connected with your Viber Public Account.

Test your bot

Now you should be able to message your Public Account by navigating to its public account message button in the up right corner and sending it a message.

Publish your Public Account in Viber

By default, every Viber Public Account is not published and you will receive a message in Viber: Your Public Account is not published. If your bot testing is completed you can Publish your Viber Public Account, so your users can message your bot.