NLP Training

Learn how to train your bot to understand what the users are asking about and how to extract structured data from user messages.

Training your bot to understand user input is essential. Because human language is not straight-forward and there are multiple ways to say the same things, the bot should be provided with enough examples for each conversation and entity.

  • Conversation training that will help your chatbot identify the correct conversation from the Cognitive Flow that needs to be started.
  • Entity training that will teach your bot to recognize Entities from a conversation with a user. The training can be either static defined manually or dynamic defined by a web service call to train your model from existing data.
  • Q&A - used when the bot can directly provide an answer to the user question or phrase. For example, when the user says bye, thanks, or What is your name?.

Each bot comes with some predefined conversations and entities to help developers handle the most basic operations without extensive coding.