QnA (Questions and Answers)

Train your bot to handle Small Talk and Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A lookup strategy can be used for small talk or FAQ scenarios where the bot can directly understand the user question or phrase and provide an answer without requiring additional information. For example, when the user says bye, thanks, or What is your name?.

Bot responding to small talk example.


The specific value that will be matched.


A number of real-world expressions to teach your bot to understand this entity value.


A set of possible answers, the bot will choose one randomly.

ssml (optional)

An answer with SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) markup for bot messages that will be pronounced by Alexa. Check the Amazon SSML documentation for supported features.

Example SSML marked message:

I already told you I 
<emphasis level="strong">really like</emphasis> 
that person.